Paul Dummett has always been an easy target for Newcastle fans.

Dummett’s not your typical modern day full-back and because of this, many want to see Lazaar, who’s more in that mould, to be given his chance in the team.

Lazaar may improve if given an extended run in the team; but up to now, for every good forward run, there’s the untimely defensive error. Rafa clearly believes Dummett, who is a better crosser than many give him credit for, is the best left back on our books. Lots of fans, though, disagree.

After defeats, many are quick to (unfairly) criticise Dummett for things that simply aren’t his fault. Yes, he’s limited going forward. But he himself knows his limits and doesn’t try to do more than he can.

Defensively, he is rarely caught out of position and is on hand to make plenty of crucial clearances and tackles. He gives his all every time he steps on the pitch. Paul Dummett is a player who genuinely cares.

Will we require an upgrade if we get promoted? Probably. But as a back-up, Dummett will more than suffice.

He’s not as flashy as Lazaar and he’s not as quick as Yedlin.

He’s not going to be bursting forward at every opportunity and he won’t give you a huge amount going forward in general. But he does his job and he does it well.

Ideally, you want your left back to be able to both attack and defend. But if it’s one or the other, I’d much prefer the latter.

So it’s time for Newcastle fans to start appreciating what they have, because what they have is better than most.