After a series of great wins for Newcastle, it now looks like we’re nearing safety. We’re two points away from the magic 40 and nobody can deny that NUFC, and Rafa Benitez, has had a great season considering the circumstances.

From talks about Rafa Benitez being unhappy in the summer, to takeover talk leading to the most frustrating January I can remember, it’s fair to say it’s been a rocky year.

On the subject of takeovers, I want to tell Mike Ashley, it’s time for us to break-up. Like a stale relationship, United and Mike Ashley’s relationship is broken. Only one side of the relationship can break-up with the other unfortunately.

It’s over Mike. But I’m sure you know that already. You’ve said in interviews on Sky Sports that you can’t compete in this league – our training ground is not in a good way and the club needs some serious TLC. Allow us to breakaway and become the club we truly can be.

Rafael Benitez is the most important man at the club right now. He’s holding the whole club together, uniting the fans and the team. He’s creating a squad that we can all be proud off. But because of your strained relationship with the club, Mike, this is in serious jeopardy. Sell up and let him build us into a Premier League force. Look at what he’s done with a shoestring budget! Either sell up or provide a way forward for Rafa – but I really do want you to sell. Sell to someone who will give Rafa what he wants, and will invest in the club.

You, and those around you, claim to care about the club. Whether that’s the truth or not, just sell and allow us to continue to build please. That’s it Mike. Do what’s best for this relationship and break it off so both sides can get back to what their best at. You can’t be happy Mike, surely?