Who are NUFC360?

NUFC360 was started early summer 2015. Our main aim is to be a place where all things NUFC are gathered. Be it articles, blogs, videos, pictures, stats, history etc. We want it to be an easily accessible place where you can find whatever information about NUFC you’re after.

Essentially, we want to make all other NUFC related sites redundant or be a portal to other sites. Whatever YOU want, we’ll do.

Now, that is a hefty aim, as it takes a great deal of hours to build a brand to such a stage where the ability to do that is possible. So we started on Twitter. Afterall, all Twitter costs is time.

Two of our core values are Quality and Consistency. Now we realise as we build and progress, there’ll be dips in both areas, considering this is a voluntarily service for those involved. At some stage, we hope to reach a level where we can pay for that quality and consistency and continuously deliver on all areas. But that’ll take time and we have some short term goals in those areas too.

In June 2020, we were delighted to surpass 50,000 followers. We’re very excited by this, because it means that the core values are appreciated and our general guidelines work well for us.

To get a website where we can provide content for you on a daily basis is a necessary next step for us. It’ll be a challenge to do this because it means vastly more hours and focus to be devoted over the course of a year. But we’ve found that we’re up for it.

If you want to be a part of this, please let us know by tweeting us @NUFC360 And we’ll reply as soon as we’re able.